Individual Psychic Readings

Individual Psychic Readings

„Your soul knows the truth  Denise Linn

• My psychic readings help you to find clarity about your life´s issues in uncertain times and to make decisions in everyday life based on your inner guidance. The sessions are intuitive and individual.


On the way to transformation
In our lifes we are
constantly faced with difficulties and fears that have to be overcome. We are called to fully incarnate and to enjoy life. The soul readings support you to recognize and master the tasks that are facing you. You will receive information from your spiritual helpers which will help you to express your own gifts, to open your heart and to feel good here on earth.

The readings help you to:

release your negative life patterns – even from past lifes

make empowered choices aligned with your soul

access your soul truth and connect with your authentic self

discover the gifts of your soul and how to express them

create a life aligned with your heart`s desire


In a joint discussion, we will illuminate your respective topics of work and career, love and relationships, grief and farewell. We will also look at your spiritual wellbeing such as your inner calling, your guardian angel or a helpful meditation.

During the session I tune in to your soul and the spiritual beings that surround you. Through the information that flows, your energy field can cleanse, expand and re-align.




For the clairvoyant process, I use the power of oracle cards, which are my great passion. The images, numbers, symbols and energies of the cards create a direct connection to the spirit world and help to better understand the messages of the soul. It is not a question of making forward-looking statements, but of finding solutions to your personal questions. Very often it is about explaining what is going and finding peace and clarity with it. The oracle cards are like a bridge between the worlds- the seen and the unseen. They express the topic- so it becomes visible for you and me.


Depending on the question I choose different cards such as goddesses, angels, crystals, trees, power animals, shamanic cards, star seeds. Depending on the subject I use oracle cards from e.g. Colette Baron-Reid, Denise Linn or Rebecca Campbell.


During the session, an energetic field opens up for the various spiritual beings who already know your soul very well.They are always benevolently supportive and look forward to reconnecting you with your inner light. This way you can consciously and creatively co-create your life.


During the psychic readings we also invite your heart energy to receive messages from the soul. The heart is the anchor of the soul in the human body.  Here heaven and earth meet, here the soul connects with the strength and healing of the heart. If the heart is affected by grief, bitterness or strong protection, the energy cannot flow freely in both directions. If it is open and receptive, we can feel the messages in our hearts. If you dare to live life from the place of your heart, your soul will effortlessly guide you to greater wisdom.

Are you interested in a psychic reading?

The readings take place in German or English. Gladly on site at Rosenheim near Munich or via Skype and telephone.
Price: 60 minutes = 100 euros

I look forward to meeting you.