„There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.“ Shakespeare

In a small group you get to know different cards and deepen your experience with them. You learn to receive messages for yourself and others.  You train your intuition like a muscle that gets stronger over time.

We organize the evenings with meditations, various grounding and breathing exercises as well as creative expression. The process of “inner seeing” is supported by painting, sounding or writing so that you can find specific answers to your questions. You also have the opportunity to share with others, which is helpful for your own growth and mutual support along the way.

Oracle cards are a helpful tool. Their pictures, colors, numbers and symbols facilitate access to our inner pictures. They connect us with different energies that can be perceived and expressed. The cards help to further refine and trust your perception. If you open yourself up to the inner power of your soul, you will invite deep experiences and amazing possibilities into your life.

You can develop and apply your own psychic skills step by step. It’s amazing how much help we get in everyday life when we apply our spiritual knowledge! In doing so it is important that you always ground yourself and protect yourself. You will learn when it is good to open and when it is better to protect and close your aura and the fine channels.

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There are currently no psychic development evenings because of the corona crisis.