Juliane Pecht

Juliane Pecht


energy intuitive I spiritual teacher I naturopath

For over 20 years I use my clairvoyance to receive important messages from the spirit world. High sensitivity was passed down on to me via my mother and my grandmother. This way it came to me naturally.


Since 2008 I offer this ability to other people on an individual basis and in groups. First in England, then in Freiburg im Breisgau and since 2020 in Rosenheim near Munich.


My career: Born in the Rhineland, I first studied cultural sciences with stopovers in Chile and the USA. In my mid-twenties, I started practicing Buddhist meditation. This was followed by a training as a naturopath and the encounter with my first spiritual teacher, the naturopath Brigitte Altmann, in Hamburg. Through her chakra work I discovered my energetic potential and learned Shiatsu, Reiki and the visionary craniosacral work. A one-year healer training deepened my knowledge of energy work.

Unexpectedly, angels and people who had passed away came to me again and again during Reiki sessions. After initial skepticism, I gradually became friends with them. In the “Spiritualist Church” in England I then learned to communicate with them consciously.

This was followed by a psychic training with Doreen and Charles Virtue in London as “Certified Angel Practitioner (ACP) and Reader (CACR)” and as “Past Life Healer”. Both of them encouraged me to trust my intuition and put my gifts into practice. I am very grateful to them for that.

The spiritual teacher Michael Tamura also influenced me with his free and humorous way. I am currently taking part in further training in soul awakening and psychic development with him and his wife Raphaelle in Zurich and online. Other important teachers on my way were Jack Kornfield, Louise Hay and Mother Meera.

Meeting me you will experience a person who listens to you openly and attentively and accompanies you warmly and sensitively. To me it is important to connect you with the wisdom of your soul so that you can help yourself in everyday life. My spirit helpers are the angels, archangels and masters of light. I am also very connected to the gentle, healing energy of Mother Mary and the Christ energy. I draw a lot from the power of nature, especially the trees and water. The joy of the dolphins and the awareness of the whales carry me.

You are very welcome!

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